Virtual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Since UCBMUN is going virtual we want to ensure that you can clarify any confusions or concerns you may have with us at Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on UCBMUN XXV Virtual!

What will UCBMUN look like this year?

UCBMUN XXV will be held online in March of 2021. In light of UC Berkeley’s plans for spring semester and the current public health situation, UCBMUN will be held entirely virtually in order to best protect the health and safety of delegates and staffers.

Have any registration deadlines changed?

Early registration will take place until December 30th and costs $30. After that until the final deadline of March 1st, that price will increase to $35.

What will be the pricing for a virtual UCBMUN?

The pricing for a virtual UCBMUN will be significantly less than an in-person conference. There will be no delegation fee and the price per delegate will be $30 for Early Registration and $35 for Regular Registration.

What committees will be offered?

Currently, we are planning to offer the same variety of General Assembly, specialized body, and crisis committees that we would have in-person. Our list of committees can be found under the Committees tab.

What if I’ve already registered for UCBMUN XXV?

If you’ve already registered for the conference, you have the option of receiving a full refund or adjusting your costs for the virtual setting.

Do I have to be in the US to compete in UCBMUN XXV?

No! We welcome competitive delegates from universities all over the world. While most committees will operate on Pacific Time, we are working to develop committees that can accommodate those in different time zones.

Can we receive VISA letters for UCBMUN XXV?

UCBMUN XXV is proud to welcome and support delegations from across the world. However, UCBMUN is not responsible for any visa-related costs or refunds and delegations are not recommended to pursue a visa. Please reach out to the Director of Delegate Affairs at with any questions.

Will the schedule for the conference look any different?

Conference will be held Friday through Sunday with the Thursday night session eliminated completely. Committee sessions will also be shortened and include breaks to minimize Zoom fatigue.1 If you would like more information, a more detailed schedule can be found under the About tab.

What out-of-committee events will be offered?

While we will no longer be hosting our Saturday night social, we hope to hold a variety of professional development events for our delegates. Additionally, UCBMUN will be holding a virtual Policy Proposal competition this year which offers delegates a new and innovative way to compete.

How will delegates receive awards?

Delegates will receive their awards in the mail after the conference.

1 For more information on managing Zoom fatigue, consult this guide on strategies to combat Zoom fatigue as well as this article from UNC-Chapel Hill Physical Health and Sciences.