Rithika Neti

Secretary General

Rithika is a junior studying data science with a concentration in business analytics and a minor in public policy. She is from, in her opinion, the greatest city in the world Boston, Massachusetts. Rithika joined UCBMUN to find passionate, challenge-oriented people and gain unique and diverse perspectives about the world. In her free time, you can find her cheering for Boston sports teams, drinking way too much coffee, and spontaneously planning trips. After both staffing and being on Secretariat in the past, Rithika is incredibly excited to welcome delegates to the iconic San Francisco Bay Area and is looking forward to all of the lively and engaging committees. She is honored and humbled to be your Secretary-General and hopes that the 25th edition of UCBMUN is the best one yet.

Pranav Mallampalli

Director General

Pranav is a junior studying Political Science and Data Science with a concentration in Cognitive Science. He is from the great state of New Jersey and fully believes that since New York sports teams play in New Jersey, he's allowed to support them. Pranav joined UCBMUN to find like-minded, passionate people and discover new political perspectives. In his free time, Pranav enjoys watching soccer, watching his favorite shows on Netflix, and taking long naps. As this is his second year on secretariat, Pranav is excited to welcome all delegates to the wonderful San Francisco Bay Area, the place he now calls home. He is honored to be the Director General of this upcoming conference and hopes that the 25th edition of UCBMUN is one to remember.


Emma Lapinsky

Chief of Staff

Emma is a sophomore originally from Seattle, Washington and is majoring in Political Science with minors in Public Policy and Human Rights. She plans to attend law school after graduation. Emma joined UCBMUN her first semester of freshman year because of her love for competitive public speaking. Outside of UCBMUN, Emma conducts research at the law school, writes for the Berkeley Political Review, and advises low-income students in the college application process. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her dog, and watching Netflix originals. Emma is excited to serve as Chief of Staff and can't wait for conference!

Abhinav Subramaniam

Chief of Staff

Abhinav is a sophomore from Chennai, India but was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and is pursuing Mechanical Engineering with a EE/CS Minor. While a STEM kid, Abhinav believes in helping the world, and hopes to join the renewable energy industry and pursue higher education in Public Policy and Economics. He joined MUN, first because his mother forced him, but later because he found a place full of like-minded, driven people finding solutions to global problems. Abhinav is a fan of the simple things in life, like fine-dining, and high-end fashion and his hat collection. He is humbled to be serving as UCBMUN's Chief of Staff, and can't wait for the best conference the Bay Area has seen yet.


Daniel Liu

Director of Delegate Affairs

Daniel is a sophomore originally from Albany, California (around 2 miles from UC Berkeley). At Berkeley (GO BEARS!), Daniel is intending to major in Economics and Political Science. Having done Model UN since freshman year of high school, Daniel is familiar with many West coast high school model conferences including BMUN, SMUNC, and DMUNC. Daniel chose to apply to UCBMUN because he never had any opportunities staffing any Model UN conferences and because he was interested in competing at the collegiate level. Outside of UCBMUN, Daniel is part of the Taiwanese-American Student Association on campus and loves to read, play cello, and relax. Daniel can't wait to see all of you at UCBMUN XXV!


William Mullen

USG — JCC/Ad-Hoc

William is a senior studying Computer Science with a focus on cyber security. Originally from the DC area, he started in MUN during his freshman year of highschool. Now part of UCBMUN, he been a USG for three years. MUN has been a major part of his life and has helped him open his eyes to new points of view and experiences. The memories he made on the circuit will stay with him forever and he is excited to help put on a conference delegates will never forget!

Sharicka Zutshi


Sharicka is an aspiring Bioengineer hoping to work in Global Public Health and social service, but in her free time, she takes a keen interest in watching and critiquing documentaries and reality shows. She is an international student from India and is of Kashmiri descent, something that has contributed to her passion for global politics. Sharicka is passionate about international relations and their impact on the functioning of the internal politics of nations, which in turn impacts public welfare, hence, she has incorporated studying politics into her primarily technical academic career. On arriving at Berkeley, she joined UCBMUN to compete in Model United Nations conferences to stimulate the effect and impact of important international events. Being in her 6th year for competitive delegation, she believes UCBMUN has helped hone her skills in diplomacy and debate, along with providing her with necessary leadership skills. Having staffed the year before and competed in her own share of collegiate conferences, Sharicka is confident in UCBMUN's distinguishing factor as an impactful, inclusive, and all-rounded learning experience. She is excited to welcome talented delegates to join UCBMUN in the industry hub called San Francisco, and make this conference truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


Samuel Gao

USG — Crisis

Samuel Gao is currently a junior here at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in economics and statistics. Growing up in Fuzhou, China, he developed an interest in history, especially Chinese history, early on. Gradually, he also became more interested in current events, ultimately leading my decision to study Economics. While in high school, the school attempted to initiate a MUN club on campus but was forced to cancel due to limited interest. He was given a second chance to join MUN when he entered into college and have been with this community ever since. Outside of schoolwork and UCBMUN, Samuel is a big tennis fan and enjoys playing the piano. He also holds a part time job at the College of Chemistry as Finance Assistant. He looks forward to meeting with all the delegates and making this conference as best as possible.


Ayushi Balan

USG — Crisis

Ayushi is a sophomore and intends to double major in Business Administration and Molecular & Cell Biology with an emphasis in Neurobiology. She is from Chicago, Illinois, the best food city in the world. If you ever need any restaurant recommendations, Ayushi is the person to go to! She first discovered her love for Model UN while competing in the Hong Kong middle school circuit. She then continued participating in Model UN for four years at the high school level and has now further developed her passion for international relations and found a tight-knit community in UCBMUN! When she's not spending time in UCBMUN or her classes, she enjoys collaborating with healthcare related companies in Phoenix Consulting, experimenting on her watercolor paintings, and initiating spontaneous dance breaks.

Helen Yang

Director of Tech, Ops, and Design

Helen is a sophomore who has lived in 13 cities in the US, Canada, and China, but calls Cal and the San Francisco Bay Area home. She is an intended Computer Science (and business? applied math? econ? who knows) major. As a member of her high school MUN team, she developed a passion for international relations and debate, and looked forward to joining UCBMUN the moment she committed to Cal. Throughout her freshman year, the club became not only an outlet for her interests, but also a welcoming family and a safe space for discussion and thought. When she is not busy with UCBMUN, she can be found crying over bugs in her code, binge reading sci-fi novels, and listening to BTS. Helen is incredibly excited to help create an unforgettable conference experience for all delegates, and cannot wait to meet everyone during conference weekend.

Winston Purnomo

Director of Tech, Ops, and Design

Winston is a sophomore studying Computer Science originally from Indonesia. Having discovered Model UN during his sophomore year of high school, he joined UCBMUN last spring only to have his semester cut short before he could travel to college conferences. He did however manage to staff the Reddit Board of Directors at last year's UCBMUN. In addition to being the co-Director of Tech, Ops and Design, Winston is a chair for IATA, and can't wait to meet everyone at UCBMUN!


Ammar Ansari

Director of Sponsorships

Ammar is a junior studying History and Political Science at UC Berkeley. He has lived in many places during his childhood, but lived in Sacramento ever since he was eight. Ammar has never done Model UN during high school; in fact, he was introduced to it during his freshman year of college. While UCBMUN offers a place to cultivate debate and diplomacy, he holds that the club has provided a welcoming and enjoyable community. He appreciates the diversity and intellectual curiosity of the members at UCBMUN, forming some of the best relationships in college at the club. Outside of UCBMUN, Ammar is part of the ASUC as a Director of the Pre-Law Department in the Office of Senator Aasim Yehya as well as Editor-In-Chief for a human rights publication on campus called The Rights Stuff. In his free time, Ammar loves to read, cook, and explore the Bay Area. Plus, you can find him posting his memes about MUN on UCBMUN's Slack page. Ammar is excited to welcome all delegates to the 25th iteration of UCBMUN, and invites you to join him for his committee "Unification of the Caribbean", which he will be chairing.

Gamin Kim

Director of Community Relations

Gamin is a junior from Hollywood, California who is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Data Science. Ever since she joined the college Model UN circuit her freshman year fall semester, it has been challenging but even more exciting to befriend other politically-minded individuals and debate complex issues current policymakers have struggled to find common ground on. Other than UCBMUN, Gamin is also involved in research on campus and Delta Phi Epsilon, the foreign-service professional fraternity. She enjoys cooking, hiking, and listening to podcasts in her free time. Gamin hopes to consolidate what she's learned so far during her MUN journey to be a supportive and helpful Director of Community Relations this UCBMUN XXV!