Priya (she/her/hers) is a third-year at Cal, double majoring in Economics and Inequality Studies with a minor in Public Policy. She is originally from Brewster, New York, and makes sure to never let anyone forget that she hails from the East Coast. Priya joined UCBMUN as soon as she came to Berkeley, in Fall 2020, and has loved it ever since. She joined primarily as a competitive delegate, but finds a sincere love in balancing both conference and competition. UCBMUN has allowed her to meet some of her favorite people in the world, and she is endlessly grateful for the organization and the joy it brings her. Outside of UCBMUN, Priya is involved in Greek Life at Cal, the ASUC, and non-profit work regarding voting equality. In her free time, she enjoys hiking Berkeley's many trails, cooking, and spending time with friends.



Kaito (he/they) is a junior from Oceanside, California, and is currently studying chemical biology and global studies (specifically development in Asia). He’s had the opportunity to do Model UN since the freshman year of high school, and has inspired to want to do international work that has elements of STEM. Outside of MUN, he is also the president and music director of a student orchestra that plays music from anime and video games, and can be heard complaining about chemistry and contemplating whether to do another music class. Kaito is honored and excited to make UCBMUN a memorable experience for all at this years conference.



Vishwaa (he/him/his) is a junior from New York City, double majoring in Political Science and STS with a Public Policy minor, which he hopes to combine for a career in public service. Having participated in Model UN throughout high school, MUN holds a special place in his heart. He values the opportunity to learn about new issues, recognize how imperfect our world is, and work collectively with other delegates towards a solution—perhaps not always a perfect one. Alongside Model UN, he runs his own civics initiative, is involved in research on campus, and writes for the Daily Californian. In his free time, you can find him bantering over how the East Coast is the superior coast, playing soccer with friends, or in line waiting to order from Yogurt Park. Vishwaa is looking forward to the conference and providing delegates, especially those in his AdHoc committee, with plenty of unforgettable memories!


Chief of Staff, Generalized

Sehr (she/her/hers) is a sophomore from Lahore, Pakistan. She is majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Comparative Literature and Environmental Policy, Management, and Sciences. Her keen interest in debates, global politics, and creative problem solving drew her to UCBMUN. Besides UCBMUN, Sehr spends most of her time rewatching her favorite shows, listening to music, or swimming laps in the pool — that is if she’s not on her nth cup of coffee at the cafe or library cramming her studies. Sehr is extremely excited to see what delegates have in store for UCBMUN XXVII, and hopes that everyone has as great a time as we did planning it!


Chief of Staff, Internal

Aishi (she/her/hers) is a sophomore originally from Houston, Texas. She is double majoring in Economics and Global Studies and hoping to minor in Politics, Philosophy, and the Law. She joined UCBMUN the first semester of her freshman year because of her interest in debate and policy and has made lots of great memories in the club since then. Besides UCBMUN, Aishi is involved in a pre-law organization and student-interest activism internship. Outside of campus organizations, she spends all her time tutoring, lifting weights, and trying to make time for her hobbies, which include growing plants, art, and reading. 9/10 times she can be seen with her best friend (who she met through UCBMUN). She also likes listening to Glass Animals and crosses her fingers that she can go to one of their concerts some day. Aishi is incredibly excited to see all the hard work delegates and staff put in play out at conference!


Chief of Staff, External

Drishti (she/her/hers) is a sophomore majoring in Data Science & Statistics, with a minor in public health. She is originally from Fremont, California (about 40 minutes away from Cal). Drishti competed in parliamentary debate throughout high school, and chose to apply to UCBMUN to try out something new and have the experience of staffing and organizing a conference. Outside of UCBMUN, she is super passionate about expanding accessibility of debate and civic education. In her free time, you can probably find Drishti in front of the TV watching a cricket match (Go India!), or editing and making a Tiktok on her account. Drishti is super excited to meet all of you at the conference, and can't wait for this to be the best UCBMUN yet!


USG of Crisis and Specialized Bodies

Harsh Kumbhat (he/him/his) is a sophomore studying film and creative writing at Cal! Harsh has always wanted to become an artist of some sort, and wants to use his work to cause and inform political change. On any given day, you can find this film nerd scribbling away in his little notebook, coming up with half-baked script ideas, writing terrible short stories and even worse poetry. Harsh is an international student and spent all his life in India. Having grown up in Kolkata, where one is always engulfed in local culture, he's interested in a plethora of other things. From cooking and eating new types of food to performing stand-up comedy and writing satire - and of course, competing at Model UN conferences - Harsh dabbles in a little bit of everything. Most of the time though, you can probably find him snuggled up in bed, watching a sappy rom-com (500 Days of Summer crushes him to this day), crunching on a bowl of cheese popcorn. Harsh is extremely excited for this edition of UCBMUN and hopes to make it an unforgettable experience for all attending! Feel free to email Harsh at if want to share any film hot takes, have a great butter chicken recipe, or just simply want to have a chat!"


USG of GA and Specialized Bodies

Rhea Vohra (she/her/hers) is a second year student majoring in Political Science, and her hometown is Memphis, Tennessee. She enjoyed attending MUN conferences in high school and recently staffed the prior UCB MUN conference as an Assistant Crisis Director. She is incredibly excited to serve as USG of GA and Spec Bods for UCBMUN XXVII this year!


USG of Crisis

Smiti (she/her/hers) is a fourth–year from Renton, Washington majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, and minoring in Public Policy. MUN has been one of the greatest highlights of her college experience and she is honored to be able to give back this year by being on UCBMUN XXVII's secretariat! Smiti is most certainly partial to crisis committees, and she cannot wait to see what crazy ideas delegates will bring to the conference! Outside of MUN and school, Smiti can be found obsessing over the MCU, reading about history, or watching one of her favorite sitcoms for the millionth time. She is also particularly fond of hanging out with friends and studying together at aesthetic coffee shops. Smiti cannot wait to meet all the delegates and she hopes everyone will make memories that last a lifetime!


USG of Specialized Crisis

Grace is a second-year majoring in History of Art with minors in Global Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures. Though she spent the majority of her high school participating in Mock Trial, she's had a longstanding love for Model UN, international affairs, and, needless to say, history. She is currently conducting research on the little-known visual legacy of the gulag system in Kazakhstan through an examination of photographs and state-produced images, bringing together her passion for geopolitics and art history. In her free time, you can find her wasting her money on tea, writing poetry, making documentaries, and museum hopping with friends. Grace is incredibly excited to be your USG and looks forward to seeing you all at UCBMUN XXVII!


Director of Business Relations

Anastasia (she/her/hers) is a senior from Bethesda, Maryland studying Political Science with a minor in City Planning. She joined UCBMUN her junior year after participating in Mock Trial in high school and wanting to pursue a debate activity relevant to her interest in International Relations. Since then she has enjoyed the opportunity to compete, travel, and meet great friends within UCBMUN and on the circuit. Outside of UCBMUN, Anastasia is involved in the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive’s student film committee as well as Cal Figure skating. In her free time she enjoys crochet and exploring the beautiful nature the Bay Area and California have to offer. "


Director of Finance

Lance (he/him/his) is a sophomore from Manila, Philippines studying Political Economy and Business Administration. Seeking to improve his negotiation and public speaking skills, he joined his high school’s Model UN team which he went on to lead in his senior year and whose delegates he still trains to this day. Since attending his first conference three years ago, Model UN has seen him through thick and thin—from the countless leisurely Zoom calls turned emergency meetings to the thrill of running around campus during in-person conference with math textbooks and past-due worksheets on hand. Apart from UCBMUN, he does social impact consulting and looks to get more involved in research, student government, and environmental advocacy in the coming years. In his spare time, Lance peruses random articles for hours on end, indulges in philosophical banter, curates itineraries for his next getaway, overanalyzes the occasional documentary or hit TV series, and spends time with family and friends. He looks forward to a successful conference and wishes delegates all the best!


Director of Technology & Operations

Helen (she/her/hers) is a senior pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Business Administration. She has lived in 13 cities in the US, Canada, and China, but calls Cal and the Bay Area home. As a member of her high school MUN team, she developed a passion for international relations and debate, and looked forward to joining UCBMUN the moment she committed to Cal. Throughout her time at Cal, the club became not only an outlet for her interests, but also a welcoming family and a safe space for discussion and thought. When she is not busy with UCBMUN, she can be found crying over bugs in her code, binge reading sci–fi novels, and listening to BTS and blackbear. Helen is incredibly excited to help create an unforgettable conference experience for all delegates, and cannot wait to meet everyone during conference weekend.


Director of Technology & Design

Tarun Sreedhar (he/him/his) is one of UCBMUN XXVII's Directors of Tech and is excited for conference! He is from the East Bay, and as a senior at Cal, he is studying Computer Science and Public Policy. He's been involved in MUN in both the high school and college circuits for 8 years now. Besides MUN, he's also involved in entrepreneurship and sports. He's looking forward to a great conference!