General Assembly and Specialized Bodies

DISEC: Peace Operations (Double-Del)

Chair: Ruhee Wadhwania
Chair: Avani Yadav

Group of Latin America and the Caribbean 2020

Chair: Parth Nobel
Chair: Kenny Kang

Nehru's Cabinet

Chair: Rudraveer Reddy
Chair: Manisha Sahoo

Crisis Committees

Unification of the Warring States Period

Head Chair: Samuel Gao
Crisis Director: Carol Xie

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Head Chair: Melyssa Oviedo
Crisis Director: Alison Luna

Death of a Naturalist: The Damming of Hetch Hetchy Valley

Head Chair: John Rider
Crisis Director: Sean Vernon

Death of Khomeini

Head Chair: Phanisri Tummala
Crisis Director: Leila Hooshyar

UNSC: The Conflict in Kivu (Double-Del)

Head Chair: Jessica Wang
Crisis Director: John McCloud

Reddit: /r/BoardOfDirectors

Head Chair: Neil Ming
Crisis Director: Tasnim Tallman

The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General

Head Chair: Tanner Yamada
Crisis Director: David Young

Joint Crisis Committees

JCC: Allende's Government

Head Chair: Lauren Arias
Crisis Director: John Perkins

JCC: U.S.-Backed Rebels

Head Chair: Evan Mallah
Crisis Director: Qazi Ahmad