Las Vegas Casino Board of Directors

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As the board of directors for the Las Vegas Sands, delegates are tasked with navigating the intricacies, politics and glamour of the Las Vegas strip – and beyond – as they strive to leave their mark on the world of gambling and vice. Power, politics and crime are the name of the game in Sin City, and delegates should be ready to battle the worst of what happens in Las Vegas, from the constant fight with government agencies for more autonomy, to attempting to reduce illegal activities in prominent establishments, to competition with both other casinos and emerging online gambling. It will be your responsibility to use your assets and authority as a board member to craft creative and fate–determining solutions to ensure that the Las Vegas Sands is able to beat immense odds to cement its rise to the top of the Entertainment Capital of the World. Remember, the fate of the casino world – and your own destiny – is in your hands.

Jeffrey Zhou


Hello hello everyone, it's my absolute honour to welcome you to the Las Vegas Sands Board of Directors. My name is Jeffrey Zhou, and I'll be serving as your chair for this wonderful committee. I hail from Boise, Idaho, a city that's identical to Las Vegas apart from every single detail, and I'm a sophomore here at Cal, studying CS and Applied Math (boring) and of course I'm also involved in UCBMUN (very exciting). The entertainment capital of the world might be dominated on its surface by strip malls and flashy hotels, but underneath the pomp and spectacle lies a cold and calculating world of power and politics, one that I for one, cannot wait for all of you to navigate. I'm excited to see y'all breathe life into your characters through your arcs, debate and a flair for the dramatic, and for all of you as a committee to forge your own destiny in Sin City.

While I'm not doing MUN, I'm big into baseball (go anyone that's playing the Astros) and an even bigger fan of watching Ferrari lose F1 races. I look forward to meeting you all, and please feel free to talk to me about anything, from food to politics to why the Yankees suck. Bonus points to anyone that can guess my favourite casino–related movie.

Jeffrey Zhou
Chair, Las Vegas Casino Board of Directors

Vidushee Mishra

Crisis Director

Hello delegates!

My name is Vidushee Mishra and I am so excited to be your Crisis Director for the Las Vegas Casino Board of Directors committee! I am a sophomore double–majoring in Business Administration and Data Science and minoring in Public Policy. I have lived in the Bay Area for almost my entire life and this is my second year in MUN (I was more of a debate kid in high school). I look forward to seeing how delegates navigate the economic, social, and business challenges presented in this committee while ensuring their own personal plans play out successfully to dominate this lucrative industry in the Sin City and beyond. Outside of MUN, I am involved in NextGen Consulting at Berkeley, Capital Investments at Berkeley, Berkeley Business Review, and the ASUC Chief Legal Office, and I hope to eventually go into intellectual property or financial law in the future. Besides that, I love to shop, sing, and explore new places with my friends. I am excited to see innovative and creative solutions in this committee and cannot wait to meet everyone!

Vidushee Mishra
Crisis Director, Las Vegas Casino Board of Directors