UNSC: Iran–Iraq Conflict

This is a double delegate committee.

In February 1974, the delegation of Iraq presented a complaint to the United Nations Security Council claiming that Iran had committed acts of aggression against its borders. Despite the existence of complicated geopolitical tensions, the two nations signed the Algiers Agreement in 1975 to de–escalate tensions. Despite these efforts, the two countries continued to struggle with unstable governments and border disputes concerning natural resources such as oil and water. Set in 1979, our committee starts with the UNSC deliberating ways to maintain peace between the two countries and stabilize the region's economy amidst an ongoing Iranian Revolution and the 1979 oil crisis. Delegates will be asked to encourage a ceasefire between the nations and deal with a variety of fast–paced crises such as human rights violations, chemical warfare, resource disputes, and targeted attacks to destabilize the region. As the delegates of the UNSC, you will be expected to present efficient and innovative solutions that comprehensively take into account all the factors concerning the Iran-Iraq conflict. Best of luck – thousands of lives and the future stability of this region are in your hands.

Serina Li

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Welcome to UCBMUN XXVI! My name is Serina Li, and I'll be your Chair for UNSC: Iran–Iraq Conflict. From the deep–rooted history of geopolitical and economic disputes to religious and cultural ties to current concerns over international security, the Iran–Iraq relations is one of the most interesting and concerning entanglement of international relations in the world. Our historically based committee will provide us an environment where we can better analyze and understand the intricacies of the globally impactful relationship between Iran and Iraq. I'm interested to see how you stabilize the tensions between the two countries and bring forth nuanced ideas that the UNSC could have done.

A little bit about me, I am a junior studying Political Science and Legal Studies with a concentration in international relations and a minor in Global Poverty Practice. I am from both Beijing, China, and, in my opinion, the best coast – East Coast. Because I grew up in three different countries, my passion for international relations, law, and business were developed. I joined UCBMUN my freshman year and since found a home and family at UC Berkeley. Outside of UCBMUN, I intern at the Chancellor's Office, create accessible resources for the pre–law community, and conduct research for the NGO China Development Brief.

In my free time, I love to hike, try new food, and spoil my two new kittens (Coco and B). I am beyond excited and humbled to be your chair, and I hope we will create a meaningful, inclusive, and fun committee. I can't wait to see what creative and insightful ideas each of you will bring to UCBMUN XXVI.

Serina Li
Chair, UNSC: Iran–Iraq Conflict

Sharicka Zutshi

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Crisis Director

Greetings Delegates!

I, Sharicka Zutshi, am beyond thrilled to serve as your Crisis Director for the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) committee discussing the Iran-Iraq Conflict at UCBMUN XXVI. The Iran–Iraq conflict represents a tumultuous history of war, instability, and regional conflict which led to long term implications on geopolitics in the Middle East. As a historic UNSC committee, we have the chance to enact strategies to curb the impending war that was fought between the two countries from 1980–88. Through our debate at UCBMUN, we hope to analyze past solutions and conflicts, while formulating practical ways to curb the ill–effects of the ongoing conflict and continued crises in our timeline.

A little about me, I am a junior and an aspiring Bioengineer who hopes to work in Global Public Health and social service. In my free time, I take a keen interest in watching and critiquing documentaries and reality shows. My friends would describe me as an energetic and enthusiastic person who brings soul to any occasion. However, I have never been a conventional STEM student. Being the great–granddaughter of an Indian freedom fighter and being of Kashmiri descent, I have always felt passionate about geopolitics, international relations, and their impact on our daily lives. In professional life, I want to dive deeper into policy–making and international relations through the lens of its impact on the scientific world, a passion that the recent COVID–19 pandemic has only legitimized and amplified. Being an international student from India has allowed me to experience Berkeley from a unique perspective. Berkeley is an amalgam of different cultures and schools of thought and UCBMUN is a place to bring those differences together in a discussion about larger international issues.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have about our committee. As your crisis director, I am looking forward to observing exhilarating debate fueled by your exceptional talent and ideas!

Sharicka Zutshi
Crisis Director, UNSC: Iran–Iraq Conflict