UNSC: Sudanese Uprising

UNSC: Sudanese Uprising will be a double-del committee.

This committee explores the conflict in Sudan that began in late 2018 that arose from thirty years of dictatorship and civil war and a crumbling economy. Following the ousting of President Omar al–Bashir on April 11, 2019, delegates will be asked to deal with a variety of crises, including the challenges of a transitional government, egregious human rights violations against protestors, internally displaced peoples (IDPs) and refugees, shortages of food and fuel, and the continuing conflict along the border with South Sudan. As delegates of the UNSC, it will be your responsibility to engineer innovative and comprehensive solutions to a conflict that has affected the lives of millions. The future stability of the country and the region is in your hands—best of luck delegates.

Darren Chow



Welcome to UCBMUN XXV! My name is Darren Chow, and I'll be your Chair for the UNSC: Sudanese Uprising. This is a crisis not only unfolding before us on the world stage but is also characteristic of many past conflicts involving mass violence and human rights violations, dictators and paramilitary groups, with millions suffering and dying. I'm interested to see how you create order from chaos and how you pave the path forward for Sudan. About me: I'm a senior at Cal double majoring in Business and English. Last year, I had the honor of being Secretary–General of UCBMUN, but now I'm excited to run a smaller yet equally enthralling ship at conference. This year, I'll be the Vice–President of UCBMUN. In my free time, I love to read and write poetry and short stories, and I'm working to launch a start–up with some friends. I look forward to meeting you all in the spring and wish you the best!

Darren Chow
Chair, UNSC: Sudanese Uprising

Maeve Sneddon

Crisis Director

Hello delegates!

My name is Maeve Sneddon and I am so excited to be your Crisis Director for this year's UNSC: Sudanese Uprising! I am a senior majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Peace and Conflict and minoring in Spanish Linguistics. I am originally from Vermont (extra points if you can find it on a map) and this is my third year in MUN. I trust that this year's delegates will be able to navigate the complex economic, social, and cultural issues pertinent to the uprising of the Sudanese people while also creating a bit of chaos of their own. Outside of MUN, I am an Undergraduate Fellow at Bowles Hall, I write for The Free Peach, Cal's premiere satire magazine, and I work for the Human Rights Center at Berkeley where, in the summer of 2019, I was part of a team that researched the Sudanese protests as they were happening. Besides that, I really like to hike and rock–climb, as well as cook sourdough bread, a skill I picked up in quarantine. I look forward to an exciting and challenging committee and I cannot wait to meet you all!

Maeve Sneddon
Crisis Director, UNSC: Sudanese Uprising