Reddit: r/BoardOfDirectors

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Tasnim Tallman

Delegates! My name is Tasnim Tallman, but you can call me Taz, and I will be your crisis director for Reddit: r/BoardOfDirectors in this year’s UCBMUN. If the r/ in the committee title makes sense to you, then welcome fellow redditor! As Reddit has grown to be the world’s 6th most visited site with almost 550 million monthly visitors, there’s no denying the impact and influence this company and community has. I’m excited to see how the board handles the power and responsibility of running an anonymous platform amongst political tensions, censorship controversies, and a growing distrust for tech companies. Outside of MUN and Reddit, I run a fashion blog for college students called Garb, consult pro bono for non-profit organizations, and am attempting to learn 2 new languages this year. In my free time I love discovering new cafes, dancing at concerts, and constructing the best sandwiches. I’m looking forward to a fast paced, entertaining, and challenging committee...with plenty of reddit humor I hope.

Tasnim Tallman
Crisis Director, Reddit: r/BoardOfDirectors