Mission to Mars

Welcome to the Mission to Mars! Launching in 2021, this committee aims to do what no human has ever done: operate a manned mission to Mars and colonize the red planet. To achieve this seemingly insurmountable goal, the committee will rely on NASA engineers, SpaceX entrepreneurs, and U.S. politicians working together to bring the mission to reality. You will be competing with other companies and space agencies to be the first to Mars. If you make it, you will also attempt to build the first Martian outpost and establish a permanent human presence on the planet. To succeed in your mission, you will need to navigate bureaucratic red–tape, unforeseen scientific challenges, and of course the countless other issues that could arise in the 100 million miles to your destination.

Evan Mallah


Hi Delegates! My name is Evan Mallah and I am a third–year at UC Berkeley studying Economics and Data Science. I have spent the past three years traveling throughout the country to compete in both GA and crisis committees. I currently serve as UCBMUN's Director of Finance and chaired the JCC at UCBMUN XXIV. Outside of UCBMUN, I am a part of a social impact consulting club and enjoy exploring new places to backpack in California. Even more, I love spending time with my dog Bella while I explore new places to hike. I hope to backpack across parts of France, Germany, and Switzerland next summer! I am extremely excited to be your Chair!

Evan Mallah
Chair, Mission to Mars

Liam Quinn Wohl

Crisis Director

Welcome to UCBMUN XXV! My name is Liam Quinn Wohl and I have the privilege of directing your crisis for Mission to Mars. I am currently a junior studying Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science at UC Berkeley and being from New York, I love having the opportunity to live on the West Coast. This is my seventh year partaking in MUN and my first time directing a crisis at UCBMUN. I am more than excited to see your intricate crisis notes, as well as the heated debate that will determine the success of humanity's expedition to Mars. Navigating through this committee should be challenging, but the fruits of your rewards will be respected through the delegate–driven updates that we plan to integrate into our arcs. When I am not doing MUN or attending class, I enjoy film, comedy, and sports as well as competing in triathlons! I try to bring the same level of competitiveness and joy to everything I do and truly hope to see each of you rise to the challenge presented by this committee and ultimately have fun while doing so! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Evan or myself. We look forward to seeing you in committee!

Liam Quinn Wohl
Crisis Director, Mission to Mars