JCC: Allende's Government

Background Guide Coming in Jan. 2020

John Perkins

Welcome to UCBMUN XXIV! My name is John Perkins and I have the utmost privilege of directing your crisis for the Allende Government bloc in the JCC: Allende Government vs. U.S. Backed Rebels. I am currently a senior studying Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations at UC Berkeley and plan to attend law school upon my graduation this Spring. After matriculation from law school, I yearn to pursue my dreams and foster a legal career within either the Sports or Entertainment Law Industries. Although I am excited for the future, I am sad to say this will be my last MUN conference of my collegiate career and I intend on ending it with a bang! UCBMUN has given me so much to be thankful for and I plan to give back by putting on an amazing committee! MUN has always held a special place in my heart and has made a tremendous impact on the success of my collegiate career. This is my fourth-year partaking in MUN and my second time directing a crisis at UCBMUN. I am more than excited to see your intricate crisis notes, as well as the heated debate that will determine the future of the Allende government. Navigating through this committee should be challenging, but the fruits of your rewards will be respected through the delegate-driven updates that we plan to integrate into our arcs. When I am not doing MUN or attending class, I enjoy watching sports, snowboarding, and scuba diving! Despite my love for MUN, football remains my first love and enjoy supporting my Los Angeles Chargers!! GO BOLTS BABY!!! I hope you all are as excited as me and I am eager to see you all at UCBMUN XXIV!

John Perkins
Crisis Director, JCC: Allende's Government