Ad–Hoc Committee of the Secretary–General

The Ad–Hoc Committee of the Secretary–General is the premier committee of high–caliber debate at UCBMUN XXVII. The committee's topic itself will remain hidden and will be announced shortly before the conference begins.



Welcome, delegates! My name is Anthony Jorge, a senior studying Public Health, and I will be serving as the Chair for Ad–Hoc this year. I joined UCBMUN during my first semester at Cal and have been passionate about crisis committees ever since. I previously served as UCBMUN's Crisis Head Delegate, and am currently a member of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. When I'm not competing or staffing in MUN committees, you can find me engaging in discourse on public transportation, the intricacies of Twilight lore, and health policy. I'm excited to see all of your creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent throughout the course of this committee!

Chair, Ad–Hoc Committee of the Secretary–General


Crisis Director

Howdy Delegates!

I, Sharicka Zutshi, am beyond thrilled to be serving as your Crisis Director for this year's Ad–Hoc Committee of the Secretary–General. In freshman year, I was the Ad–hoc Vice–Chair, and being able to be the CD in my final year feels like a full circle.

I am currently a Senior studying Bioengineering and Design Innovation at Berkeley. In the future, I hope to work in fundamental research and product development for biomedical technologies. I have never been a conventional STEM student. Being the great–granddaughter of an Indian freedom fighter and being of Kashmiri descent, I have always felt passionate about geopolitics, international relations, and their impact on our daily lives. Being an international student has allowed me to experience Berkeley as an amalgam of diverse groups of people and UCBMUN is a place to bring those differences together in a discussion about larger international issues. Outside MUN, I am involved in research, community outreach, volunteering, and peer advising! In my free time, I take a keen interest in watching and critiquing documentaries and reality shows and I can confirm that watching Love Island for hours on end burns brain cells. My friends would describe me as an energetic and enthusiastic soul, except when Adele is playing because the mood is just simply melancholic. I do break out into a British accent for no reason, must be from all the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones I have watched over the years.

Please feel free to contact me or your chair with any questions you may have about the committee. We want to make sure that UCBMUN is the best experience it can be for you! As your Crisis Director, I am looking forward to engaging in substantive debate, and a whole lot of creative discussion in our committee this year.

Yours chaotically,
Crisis Director, Ad–Hoc Committee of the Secretary–General