Award Guidelines

UCBMUN will follow Best Delegate’s most recent system for allocating points for awards:

5 - Best Delegate
4 - Outstanding Delegate
3 - Honorable Mention
2 - Verbal Commendation
Double delegation will receive points for both delegates.

Individual Delegate Awards

Crisis committees, General Assemblies, and Specialized Bodies will weigh performance in-room and out-of-room (crisis notes and lobbying) equally in determining individual delegate awards. UCBMUN will also consider the substance of resolutions and directives when determining awards.

Delegation Awards

Delegation awards will be determined in equal parts by the proportion of the delegation that receives awards, and by the total number of award points the delegation receives.

UCBMUN’s Delegation Awards are: Best Large Delegation, Best Small Delegation, Outstanding Large Delegation, Outstanding Small Delegation, [and Best International Delegation].

Small delegations are delegations between eight and twelve delegates, while large delegations are thirteen or more delegates.

Questions about award guidelines can be directed to or