February 27th – March 1st, 2020


Letter from the Secretary-General


Dear Delegates,

My name is Darren Chow, and I am the Secretary-General for the 24th session of UC Berkeley’s Model United Nations Conference (UCBMUN XXIV). On behalf of our Secretariat and staff, it is with the utmost honor and humility that I welcome you to the heart of San Francisco’s historic Financial District, to collaborate with some of the best and brightest minds on the world’s most pertinent issues.

Our thirteen unique and engaging committees reflect the principles of free speech and democracy which embody Berkeley and its denizens. With topics ranging from the Damming of the Hetch Hetchy Valley to the UNSC response towards the Conflict in Kivu, from the Death of Khomeini to the Group of Latin America and Caribbean Countries, our committees span time and space. Our esteemed delegates — diverse in background, education, and perspective — will all have something to contribute to the dialogue of progress and innovation that this moment in history desperately demands. At UCBMUN, we pride ourselves on not only creating competitive and well-run committees but also on prioritizing inclusivity and support as tenets of our conference culture. If you ever need anything at all, please flag down one of our staffers who will be happy to help.

The original UN Charter — which, after two months of negotiations, ushered in a new era of international diplomacy after WWII — was signed at the San Francisco Opera House, less than three miles from where we stand today. This history and its wide-ranging repercussions are palpable; we wade in its depths. And now, more than ever, is it important that we channel the ideals inherent in the grand institution that we model. It is my pleasure to invite you on February 27th through March 1st, 2020 to our home in the Bay — and to experience a conference unlike any other.

Darren Chow
Secretary-General, UCBMUN XXIV