General Assembly and Specialized Bodies

The State vs. Adnan Syed Part 2: The Retrial

Head Chair: Jessica Wang
Committee Director: Kenny Kang

Crisis Committees

Republican National Committee 2015

Head Chair: Meera Nagpal
Crisis Director: Celine Bookin

Pax Romana: The Liberators' Civil War

Head Chair: Ananya Sreekanth
Crisis Director: John Perkins

Jekyll Island Club: The Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Head Chair: Austin Smith
Crisis Director: Aaron Tarajos

The Enron Scandal

Head Chair: Leila Hooshyar
Crisis Director: Pranav Mallampalli

UNSC: The Security Crisis in Venezuela

Head Chair: Tanner Yamada
Crisis Director: David Young

North Korean Board of Longevity

Head Chair: Neil Ming
Crisis Director: Moojin Park

The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General

Head Chair: Rose Meinrath
Crisis Director: Mateo Montoya

Joint Crisis Committees

New York City Officials vs. Five Points Gangs: New York City Officials

Head Chair: Matthew Lee
Crisis Director: Jesse Sommers

New York City Officials vs. Five Points Gangs: Five Points Gangs

Head Chair: Alison Spencer
Crisis Director: Megan Conner