The Conference on the Laws of War for the Cyber Era

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Parth Nobel


Welcome to UCBMUN XXIII! I took a class on International Law last year, and realized that contemporary international law has fallen far behind a world where everything from tax filings to birthday cards are digital. A world where a nation state could kill hundreds of civilians by attacking a hospital digitally. Does the law prohibit such an action? Does it view that as an act of war? As a huge fan of cybersecurity research, I wanted to see this flaw in the law fixed, and felt that a MUN conference is the perfect medium to help foster this debate. I am an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major, a former intern at HP Inc., and a former Editor and Webmaster of the Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies. I was raised in Poway, CA where I co-founded our local high school's MUN team. In the little time I have not writing code, doing math, at MUN, or sleeping I get deeply confused about how I have free time and proceed to read fantasy books and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Looking forward to a vigorous debate on law and technology,
Parth Nobel
Head Chair
Director of Technology