Republican National Committee 2016

Head Chair: Meera Nagpal

Crisis Director: Celine Bookin

Background Guide Coming in Dec. 2018

My name is Meera Nagpal, and I’m incredibly honored to be chairing the RNC 2016 committee. I’m a junior at UC Berkeley studying Molecular Cellular Biology with a concentration in Cell and Developmental Biology. I joined UCBMUN my sophomore year with the hopes of honing my public speaking skills and learning more about current events, and I came out with so much more than that. I gained a passion for international relations and politics, and I hope to carry that passion with me into this year’s UCBMUN XXIII. In my free time, I enjoy reading about weird science discoveries, binging comedy shows on Netflix, and writing poetry. Last year, I served as Assistant Crisis Director to the Barbary Wars committee of UCBMUN XXII. While the dramatic sword fights of Barbary pirates were theatrical, there’s no one who plays quite as dirty as politicians. I look forward to bringing life to the sensational politics of 2016’s presidential race!

Hey! My name is Celine Bookin and I am a junior at Berkeley majoring in Political Science. I hail from Manhattan Beach, California, and love politics, the movie Grease, and war history and strategy. I am super excited to be your Crisis Director for the Republican National Committee 2016, where a wild combination of United States politics, political strategy, and campaigning will make for a thrilling committee experience! Get your stump speeches and debate tactics ready, delegates, because there will only be one nominee!

Celine Bookin