Pax Romana: The Liberators' Civil War

Head Chair: Ananya Sreekanth

Crisis Director: Anya Mansoor

Background Guide Coming in Dec. 2018

Welcome to UCBMUN XXIII delegates! My name is Ananya Sreekanth and I have the honor of chairing the Pax Romana committee. A little about myself, I was born in Hong Kong and have lived in Singapore, India and Saudi Arabia and am a senior majoring in Political Economy and minoring in Public Policy. This is my fourth and final year in MUN as well as my second time serving as Head Chair for a committee. I chaired the Teutonic Knights committee at UCBMUN XXI and served as USG of Crisis committees at last year’s UCBMUN conference. MUN has been a transformative and important part of my college experience, giving me the opportunity to meet so many different people all over the nation with similar passions in international relations and policy. Outside of MUN I work at the Berkeley Human Rights Center, write for the Daily Californian and am always looking for new vegetarian recipes to try out! I am very excited to be chairing and hope delegates are looking forward to UCBMUN XXIII!

Friends, Romans, countrymen,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to UCBMUN XXIII, and it is an especially dignified honor to welcome you to the Pax Romana: Liberator's Civil War committee. I am counting the seconds until I can meet you all face to face and watch as you mold the parameters of this topic to your ends. My name is Anya Mansoor and I have the distinct privilege of serving as your Crisis Director for the duration of this committee. I am a Political Science/English double-major and Digital Journalism minor currently completing my junior year at UC Berkeley. This will be my third UCBMUN and seventh year of MUN total; committees I've staffed in the past include UCBMUN XXI's JCC Egyptian Revolution 2011, and most recently, UCBMUN XXII's Gunpowder Plot of 1605, for which I also served as Crisis Director. Outside of UCBMUN, I serve as a university representative to Bay Area Justice Corps and write disgusting articles for UC Berkeley's chapter of The Black Sheep, a web-based satirical collegiate news publication. When I'm not drowning in papers or weeping at the shattered remains of my GPA on CalCentral, I love to try new restaurants, play and listen to music, and reflect on how lucky we are to be living through the Golden Age of prestige television. You should feel free to reach out to me with any concerns, or if you just want to chat. I can't wait to meet all of you this spring! Until then, delegates... beware the ides of March.

All the best,
Anya Mansoor