New York City Officials vs. Five Points Gang: Five Points Gang

Head Chair: Alison Spencer

Crisis Director: Megan Conner

Background Guide Coming in Dec. 2018

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to UCBMUN XXIII! My name is Megan Conner and I’m truly honored to serve as this committee’s Crisis Director. A brief introduction: I’m a fourth year Environmental Economics and English double major here at UC Berkeley. Outside of MUN, I dabble in creative writing and swing dancing. Inside of MUN, I’ve previously served as a crisis director twice, and I'm the present UCBMUN club President. Since this is my last conference, I am thoroughly excited for this go-around in the crisis room. Facilitating and invigorating debate is a tremendously rewarding experience and this committee topic is particularly exciting for me. Our committee will run in standard joint crisis committee fashion as it simulates the New York City Officials vs. the Five Points Gangs conflict. Delegates should aim to establish themselves in positions of high power and security, as they fight against the opposition. Accept change as a constant. Have some fun too! This is indeed a unique opportunity for delegates to rewrite history. I’m looking forward to reading some witty crisis notes and unraveling your conniving plots behind the scenes. Please contact me with any inquiries at

Warm Regards,
Megan Conner | Crisis Director