Jekyll Island Club: The Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Austin Smith

Welcome Delegates! It is my pleasure to be your chair for Jekyll Island! I am a fourth year studying History and Political Science with an emphasis on political thought. UCBMUN XXIII will be my fourth time staffing this conference, as I previously served as USG of Specialized Bodies and General Assemblies for UCBMUN XXII and Head Chair of FAO 2020 for UCBMUN XXI. This committee has been a dream of my CD since he was just a noob at MUN, so I’m excited to help make his dream committee become a reality. Besides that, I am excited for Jekyll Island because it parallels our present time period which is full of corruption, crisis, and crony capitalism. If you have an questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to seeing you all in March!

Austin Smith
Head Chair

Aaron Tarajos

Dear Delegates,

In the depths of the night, as moonlight shines off the shoreline in Hoboken.
Sixteen dark knights, set out on a journey to fix all that was broken.
Robber Barron's collected their profit but the coming crisis would be catastrophic.
Nevertheless, divided as a nation these captains of industry were our only salvation.
They boarded a train to Jekyll Isle where the banking system would be reconciled.
The Federal Reserve came into conception and passed Congress through unregulated deception.
The stage is set in 1910 tread onward carefully as the era of monopoly comes to an end.

My name is Aaron Tarajos and I'm a senior at UC Berkeley studying Political Science with a Quantitative Methods and Empirical Reasoning concentration. UCBMUN will be my 32nd collegiate conference and in the past I've served as Head Chair, Crisis Director, Vice Chair, and ACD at various high school and college conferences. This committee has been a dream of mine since I was first introduced to MUN 8 years ago, therefore, I am extremely excited to serve as your Crisis Director for the weekend. I look forward to meeting all of you come March!

All the Best,
Aaron Tarajos
Crisis Director