The Enron Scandal


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Leila Hooshyar

Dear Delegates, welcome to the Enron Scandal Committee of 2000! My name is Leila Hooshyar, and I am enthused to be serving as your Head Chair for this Committee at UCBMUN XXIII. I am a Junior at U.C. Berkeley double majoring in Political Science and Society & Environment (yes, the second one is a single major). Here at Cal I have joined many different clubs and organizations, like the Berkeley Student Food Collective, ASUC, and the Berkeley Political Review. Of all these organizations, UCBMUN is by far my favorite! My high school did not have Model United Nations, so it was an entirely new experience for me coming into college. I could not have made a better decision to join my second semester of freshman year, as MUN has provided me with some of my most valuable connections and leadership skills that have helped me take advantage of other opportunities throughout my college career. I was born and raised in West Virginia and came to California for school. Growing up, I was always surrounded by the amazing natural beauties of the Appalachian Mountains which have largely motivated my interest in pursuing a career in environmental fields like consulting or litigation once I graduate. This year will be my first time as a Head Chair and I could not be more excited! The Committee topic is sure to take us down some interesting pathways and I am thrilled to watch all of you try to prevent (or exacerbate) one of the greatest bankruptcy scandals of history!

Leila Hooshyar
Head Chair