North Korean Board of Longevity

Head Chair: Neil Ming

Crisis Director: Avery Kim

Background Guide Coming in Dec. 2018

Dear Delegates,

My name is Neil Ming and I am incredibly honored and excited to serve as your chair for the North Korean Board of Longevity. Currently, I am a sophomore at majoring in Molecular Cell Biology and minoring in Environmental Economics and Policy at UC Berkeley. This will be my sixth year doing Model UN and my second in UCBMUN. After being the vice chair of a historical JCC committee last year, I look forward to the opportunity and challenge of looking forward the future of North Korea with this committee. With each year of MUN and each tournament I participate in, I find myself leaning more knowledge of current events, lessons in diplomacy, and necessary international awareness and in our modern era of globalization. North Korea, specifically, holds a large importance internationally and its relationship with other countries continues to change. I am excited to learn about your own perspectives on our topic and working with you all soon. If you have any questions about the committee or characters, please feel free to reach out to me at

Neil Ming