North Korean Board of Longevity

Neil Ming

Welcome delegates to UCBMUN XXIII,

My name is Neil Ming, and I am a sophomore majoring in Molecular Cell Biology and minoring in Environmental Economics and Policy at UC Berkeley. Besides MUN, I like to spend my time tutoring at MLK Jr. Middle School and volunteering around the Berkeley area. However, MUN has always had a special place in my heart because of the debates and discussions it fosters, and I am very excited for my sixth year of MUN and my second with UCBMUN.

With each year and each tournament I participate in, I find myself gaining more knowledge of current events, lessons in diplomacy, and necessary international awareness. In the world today, North Korea is one of the most complex and enigmatic sociopolitical environments. There are so many paths the DPRK can take and countless global implications for every one. Despite its historical isolation, North Korea’s unforeseeable future promises to shape modern history. I can not wait to explore all of these possibilities with added twists and turns along with this committee.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have,
Neil Ming
Head Chair

Moojin Park

There was an eight year old girl in North Korea who one day crossed a bridge to go play with her friends. When she was returning home that same evening, she found the bridge burned down and no way for her to get back home. For a girl who did not know anything about politics, the fire burning down the bridge became her signal for the start of the Korean War, and a rude awakening of the reality between North and South Korea. She ran away and took refuge in South Korea and has been living her life there. She eventually got married and gave birth to a baby boy in South Korea; who later on would grow up to become my father.

Although I was born and grew up in South Korea, my self-proclaimed identity has never included a title 'North' or 'South.' I am a Korean, and the blood in my veins knows no direction.

My name is Moojin Park, and I'm excited as much as I feel honored to serve as your Crisis Director for the North Korean Board of Longevity in UCBMUN XXIII. Topic of North Korea has always had a special place in my heart, and I'm glad to be selected to partake in this committee. I am a senior majoring in Legal Studies, and my hobbies include watch collecting, buying, selling, and repairing -- a self-proclaimed horologist in making if you will. I also like solving Rubik's Cube, and my best time so far is 50 seconds. Other than Model United Nation, I volunteer weekly at Cleveland Elementary School in Oakland mentoring students, and every summer and winter break I work as an English Camp instructor at a local high school near my home back in South Korea. I hope to one day become a teacher or a professor in Korea who always wears a bomb watch, solves rubik's cube while waiting for the students to settle down, and become one of those teachers/professors who greatly influences their students and have their name remembered for lifetime. After that I want to become a politician to tear down the entire education system in my home country -- the system that's responsible for giving us the #1 rating among developed nations when it comes to (student) suicide rate -- before reforming my country. But that's a story for another time because I'm no story-teller.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Moojin Park
Crisis Director