The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General

Head Chair: Rose Meinrath

Crisis Director: Mateo Montoya

Hello delegates and welcome to the flagship committee of UCBMUN XXIII, the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General! My name is Rose Meinrath, and I am incredibly excited to serve as the Head Chair of what is guaranteed to be UCBMUN's most challenging and engaging committee. I am currently a fourth year here at UC Berkeley, majoring in Political Science with minors in History and Public Policy. This year will be my third year chairing at UCBMUN, and my fourth and final year staffing. When not chairing Ad-Hoc, I also serve as UCBMUN's Crisis Head Delegate. This has allowed me to make my way around the circuit, and I am very excited to see some familiar faces. In the few moments in which I am not participating in MUN related activities, I love exploring, traveling, hiking and eating everywhere under the sun. This being my last UCBMUN makes it bittersweet for me, but I have no doubt that the delegates in the Ad-Hoc committee will make this the best one yet. See you all in March!